A Statement on Prosperity Theology

Back in March of 2014, I was invited to participate in a global consultation on Prosperity Theology in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Pastors, Professors and Ministers from around the globe gathered together for about 5 days to come up with a unified statement on how the church should consider the Prosperity Gospel.  It was humbling to sit in a room with people who have ministered in countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Argentina, Ireland, South Africa and of course Brazil.  It was humbling because I realized that I was participating in a thought leadership conference that would impact the world.  I was intimidated to try to offer my opinion in the presence of so many who have served in ministry for so long.  What did this little financial advisor have to offer here?  But as we went along, my heart was warmed by the sincerity of the faith of each person in the room.  We all came from different denominations, different ethnic backgrounds, different cultures, different everything.  With the exception of one thing:  We were all Christians who deeply cared for those we minister to, and want to help to present a whole gospel removed, as much as possible, from human agenda.  And that was enough for me to loosen up and both contribute to and receive from a wonderful group of Christian men and women, who came together after not always agreeing, on one unified statement that reflects our hopes, our concerns, our commitment and our position on the issue of Prosperity Theology.  To read our final product, click here or in the title above: